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AMSOIL Farm Supplies
AMSOIL Farm Supplies
It’s hard enough to make money farming without the hassle of equipment breakdowns. Unpredictable weather and volatile commodity prices may be out of you control, but you can help reduce the time and money spent on repairs by implementing a maintenance program centered around AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. Conventional lubricants don’t hold up when heavy hauling, extreme temperatures, excessive idling, dirt and other challenger are the norm. AMOSIL synthetic lubricants, on the other hand, are formulated for the toughest operating conditions farmers encounter. They help you increase equipment life and profitability.
Synthetic Diesel Oil

Helps reduce repairs & maintenance costs

Designed to protect diesel particulate filters 

Excellent severe-service protection

Maximized fuel efficiency

Synthetic Diesel Oil

Hard-working diesel farm equipment can literally tear motor oil apart. Elevated heat and shearing forces can thin the oil until it fails to provide adequate protection. In this harsh environment, conventional oils break down sooner, leaving components susceptible to wear and failure. AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils are designed to withstand the punishment doled out by powerful diesel engines, delivering excellent protection during heavy use and even abuse. They deliver the performance and value you can rely on to help avoid unplanned repairs and reduce maintenance costs.

Synthetic Hydraulic/Transmission Fluid

Long component life in severs service

Suppresses wet-brake chatter

Recommended for most brands of equipment

All-weather formulation resists extreme heat & cold

Synthetic Transmission Fluid

A typical Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) has to simultaneously lubricate gears and hydraulic system components, support the wet braking system, inhibit corrosion, resist water and act as a medium for generating elevated hydraulic pressures to operate ancillary equipment. The lubricant’s performance is especially critical to proper operation of hydrostatic transmissions. It takes a precision formulation to meet these demands, and AMSOIL formulates Synthetic Hydraulic/Transmission Fluid with the advanced synthetic technology needed to maximize equipment performance and life.
Synthetic Hydraulic Oil

Promotes reduced maintenance

Maximizes efficiency

Anti-varnish, anti-wear

All-season performance

Synthetic Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic systems in tractors and other farm equipment require clean, high-quality fluid to function reliably. Without it, extreme heat can cause damaging varnish formation that can reduce fluid flow, plug filters, stick valves and increase friction, while wear to pumps, motors and valves can lead to catastrophic failure. AMSOIL synthetic hydraulic oils promote long life of individual components while maximizing the efficiency of the entire hydraulic system. They help reduce repairs and maximize profitability.
Ea® Oil & Air Filters

Improved efficiency compared to non-synthetic filters keeps more wear-causing contaminants out of your engine

Extended service intervals save time & money

Ea Oil & Air Filters

Synthetic Gear Lube

High-load protection for gears & bearings

Helps reduce maintenance

Long oil & equipment life

Synthetic Gear Lube

Synthetic Grease

Resists pound-equipmentout in heavily loaded

Protects against corrosion

Seals out contaminants

Synthetic Grease

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