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 If you have a vehicle that isn’t driven regularly, there are a few maintenance factors to consider to keep it running strong. Read on for some tips to ensure that your next engine start isn’t met with resistance as your vehicle is awakened from its storage-time slumber.

1) Seek shelter
Outdoor storage is not ideal for most, however, the elements can take a serious toll on a vehicle in both hot and cold climates. If you don’t have the option of using garage space at home, check for cheap, local storage units that can accommodate vehicles. If your only option is outdoors, buy a quality weatherproof cover that will protect your vehicle from the elements. There are tons out there ranging from low quality to virtually impenetrable, so do your research to find the best one capable of properly covering your ride.

2) Keep out the undesirables
Keep out pests by closing off any entry points such as the exhaust and air intakes. Dryer sheets are very effective. Try placing those in and around the vehicle to deter them from considering your vehicle as a viable winter home.

3) Check fluids
Consider doing an oil change prior to storing your vehicle. This will keep the engine from holding harmful contaminants for a lengthy period of time. Add a fuel stabilizer like AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer to prevent moisture from accumulating.  Keep the fuel as fresh as possible since deteriorated fuel makes up the highest percentage of problems associated with storage.

4) Take it for an occasional spin
Start your vehicle every two weeks and take a short 10-minute drive if possible. A battery that is not used will soon lose its charge and lead to a headache later on. If you’re looking at long-term storage, it’s not a bad idea to disconnect and remove the battery entirely. Or, purchase a battery tender and connect that instead. Doing so will deliver a regular charge to keep the battery from losing all power.

5) Tires
Make sure the tires are properly inflated to the correct psi before storage.  When vehicles sit for extended periods of time, they can create flat spots on tires that render them useless later on. If you won’t be driving at all, you’ll at least want to roll the vehicle forward or backward a few inches from time to time. You can do this when you conduct the occasional engine start to keep the battery alive and engine parts properly lubricated.

Just give your stored vehicle a little TLC and routine attention and it will last a lot longer than you even expected !

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