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The internet is an incredible tool and like many of you, I am careful about the accuracy of what I read. Before making any purchases I make certain that I check customer reviews to insure that the people who are using the product I am considering, are happy with their decision. I will check at least 20 reviews and if the majority are pleased with the product then I am comfortable trusting my investment with them as well. For the past twenty years I have been talking about the many benefits of using Amsoil lubricants, and now I have customer reviews (203 of them to be exact) that support my claim. Since no one has time to read 203 reviews, let me just share a few.

"Best in class in quality. Best in class in service. Best in class in delivery".

"Love the oil and extended service intervals. Gas mileage went up as well".

"I switched to Amsoil and immediately noticed the engine running quieter".

"I noticed after about a hundred or so miles that a nuicanse tick went away".

"I use this product because any vehicle I drive is an investment".

So when you're researching synthetic lubricants, don't be swayed by just a few who prefer a certain brand. I encourage you to explore the benefits of using Amsoil, better fuel mileage and longer drain intervals, then read what others have to say about how they've benefited by protecting their investment.  

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